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Black Friday is almost here-start making your Christmas List w/Black Friday Jewelry Sales on 2-3 piece Jewelry sets!

Posted by Denise West on

Beautiful gifts in Jewelry for all the women/men even kids on your list-and don’t forget yourself. If you don’t see the sets you want-tex me and I will do a custom set although I won’t be able to apply the Buy one 2-3pc set Get one 2-3pc set of equal or less value but you will have exactly what you want! Last year I nearly sold out-so don’t put it off. I do want to Thank all of you that are following me and ask that maybe you could forward my web site to one of your friends-pay it forward. I appreciate every time you hit LIKE the more likes that I get the more advantages I get through FaceBook so please stop in hit like and even a comment especially from all the ‘new friends’ that have bought some of my handmade jewelry, put up a picture with your “jewels” and show everyone how happy you are! Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving! 


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