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Three for Tea. (294A)

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Triple row Necklace and Earrings-18”-24”-30” all in Japanese Crystal Pearl-11/0 glass seed beads-the Crystal/Pearl reflect beautifully from row to row-center on each Swarovski Crystal AB 6mm Bicone-Red-White-Blue-Earrings 3-1/2” are Japanese Crystal Pearl-11/0 glass seed beads with a Swarovski Crystal AB Bicone of each Red-White(Crystal)-Blue in the center where the Crystal sits higher-a dangle of Swarovski Crystal AB Bicone in 2mm and 3mm hang from the same color-silver ear wire. There’s a bit of simple elegance with the Crystal Pearl glass beads that give it that sparkle-goes great with just about anything-have more fun and twist the rows before clasping the silver claw on the Necklace.