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Pink Me (1119L)

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Christmas Balls for our Furbabies-Each ball is different and comes with a full Necklace or Drop Chain for your Furbaby-this is 3x3” filled with dyed Floral Gel Balls (these are amazing little balls if they shrink just add a little water and they grow again) Ella is in fun colorful letters and is filled with an assortment of jewelry pieces-shake it up and it changes each time your choice of a Kumihimo Pink and White Necklace with silver chains and silver claw-3 charms a beautiful Pink Pave with Swarovski Crystal AB Bicone Vintage Rose on top and bottom-paw print w/Pink Rhinestones-Swarovski Crystals-3-Padparadscha and Light Rose fits up to 14” but can be made larger or as small as 9”-drop on a silver chain 6” comes with 3 charms and 4 beads-no 2 are the same-Astrological sign-dog face-Best Friend heart with cut out of Paw-the Pink Skull has Swarovski Crystal on top and bottoms in Rose-flower has another Swarovski Crystal light pink in center-crackle bead-pink Acryllic bead-large clasp can hook on collar-leash-handbag-phone pretty much anything but like everything here I can custom them to your specifics-2 week notice to make Custom. The holidays are the perfect times to dress our Furbabies up and show them off-More different styles coming soon. Please keep checking back. Price varies on your choices.