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Purple-Rainbow Bridge

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This Crossed the Rainbow Ridge Christmas Ornament: We all Love our Furbabies-So when our Furbabies Crosses Over The Rainbow Ridge we keep their tags/collars-just to name a few why not an Ornament. Plastic Bulb filled with Purple Floral Gel Beads because Purple was his/her color favorite color-this is a large ball and has 7 chains hanging on the outside and one on the inside. Each one holds a different charm, A Silver Vile when opened has a glass tube to put in (ashes, hair or something else that means a lot to you) Purple Dog Paw-Double Hearts joined together-Best Friend Heart w/Paw Print Cutouts-pair of Angel Wings-3-6mm Swarovski Crystal AB-L/Purple Bicone-Inside hangs Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the Clouds charm. Cap will be glued (please keep away from children and pets.)